Visitors throng Penang for year-end holidays

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Visitors throng Penang for year-end holidays

22 December 2021

THE season to be jolly has officially begun, with most hotels in Penang achieving almost 80% in take-up rate throughout the week from Christmas to New Year.

Malaysian Association of Hotels (MAH) Penang chapter chairman K. Raj Kumar said beach resorts were fully booked, while occupancy rate for hotels in the city and on the mainland stood at 80%.

He said there are about 90 hotels registered with MAH in Penang, offering about 14,500 rooms.

“The bookings not only help hotels recover their losses from the Covid-19 pandemic since last year, but also provide employment for job seekers.

“We foresee the positive trend to continue until Chinese New Year in February next year.

“Most hotels have resumed full operation,” he said on Friday.

Raj Kumar assured travellers that MAH members would enforce the standard operating procedure (SOP) strictly to ensure the safety and health of guests and employees.

(file pix) Reopen of International borders in January 2022 ,A file photo showing the foreign tourists seen sunbathing and relaxing by the Tanjung Bungah beach.

“We have capped the number of hotel guests at all our facilities. So far, the guests at all hotels are quite cooperative over the restrictions,” he said.

Association of Tourism Attractions Penang (Atap) chairman Ch’ng Huck Theng said Penang was expecting a good run of tourist arrivals till early next year.

“A lot of domestic tourists are clearing their work leave and spending their year-end incentives.

“We expect a good flow of arrivals until Chinese New Year next year and after that, it will be the greatest challenge as schools reopen and people get back to work.

“I hope tourism players will continue to be given support to sustain the economy,” he said.At present, Ch’ng said popular food outlets and heritage areas in Penang remain top attractions for tourists near and far.

“We can see a lot of tourists from Kedah, Perak and Selangor going to attractions such as Penang Hill, museums, heritage areas and beaches.

“Many places are congested and the accommodation in most areas are receiving good response,” he said.

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